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We’re a South West England based IT Solutions Consultancy who work with companies to develop and improve their IT strategies and streamline their business processes. With more than two decades of consultancy and software development experience, we can help to identify and refine your IT requirements and use technology to save your business time and money.

Andy Cronk

Managing Director

Andy has been developing software solutions and consulting on business processes for everyone from the NHS, to EE and IBM for almost 25 years. That’s right, he’s been building databases since you were unplugging the home phone to get online and Jeeves was answering all of your search queries.

With a customer focused mindset, and the ability to work with people in every area of your business, technical and otherwise, Andy can work with you to audit and improve your IT solutions and develop custom software which will make your existing IT infrastructure work better for you.

With experience working in the healthcare, travel, legal, telecommunications, media and banking sectors, Andy can work with you to quickly understand and define your business’s IT needs, and then develop and build solutions that will help you achieve your long term goals

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